Moscow Riverwalk with landscaping

To be the brand new walking area for Muscovites


and visitors

  • icon1.png long riverwalk 

Concert Hall

The most picturesque city’s sanctuary

  • icon1.png New concert hall for world-star performances
  • icon1.png Musical shows and festivals


For city and Dream Island visitors

  • icon1.png 4-star hotel with restaurants, SPA, and conference halls
  • icon1.png rooms for personal and family leisure


Architect Chapman Taylor

Yachting School

For kids of all ages and their parents

  • icon1.png Active watersport training for children and adults
  • icon1.png School building is located near the Southern River Port


Water view

  • icon1.png Restaurant and Entertainment
  • icon1.png Landscaped riverwalk with lookout points
  • icon1.png Nagatinskaya Poyma water view