Key Facts

Dream Island is a first city resort in Russia. It is the brand new Moscow sight located on the Moscow River shore some 10 minute-drive away from Kremlin.

It will house the first in Europe and the only in Russia indoor children’s theme park - the place of ultimate fun where kids and their parents can plunge into the cartoon universe.

  • icon1.png Hectare Park area
  • icon1.png 10 minute-drive away from Kremlin

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«Dream Island»

Located in the Nagatinskaya Poyma   10 minutes-drive away from Kremlin
Park area is 100 hectares

The complex is within a walking distance of such significant Moscow sport facilities as Legend Park hockey stadium (12,000 seats) and the water sport complex with the one-of-a-kind Olympic synchronous swimming center named for Anastasia Davydova. These facilities are both located within the under-construction ZILART residential area.

Ease of Travel

  • icon1.png icon1.png Public Transport
  • icon1.png icon1.png By Car

A new bridge connecting southern and eastern administrative districts of Moscow is to appear near the Dream Island soon.

Dream Island Map

Amusement Park

Indoor theme park with 29 various attractions


City promenade with the concert hall and the 14-hall multiplex including an IMAX-screen hall


Ground and underground 4500 parking spaces

Landscape Park

The refined territory of the nature park of 76 hectares (188 acres)


Well-furnished 3-mile riverwalk running down the Moscow River shore

Concert Hall

Multifunctional concert hall with 3,800 seats


The new 4-star hotel with 410 rooms for Dream Island visitors and Moscow tourists

Yachting School

Children’s yachting school for kids of all ages and their parents

Dream Island is a socially significant project
new small and medium enterprises
visitors in a year