REGIONS-Entertainment today release a licensing agreement with IMPS to set up a Smurfs Zone at the upcoming Europe`s largest indoor Theme Park ‘Dream Island’. 

Smurfs Zone will contain attractions with the world’s most favorite little blue humanoids of Pierre Culliford, the author/creator of the Smurfs. It will be a special place where guests of all ages will discover a world of imagination, adventure, inspiration and get a thrilling trial.

Veronique Culliford, President, IMPS said: "We are extremely proud of this partnership with Regions Group. It is going to be spectacular to have the Smurfs Zone with entertainment for both kids and adults in this new destination in Moscow. I am thrilled at the idea of this new Smurf Area in Moscow."

“We hope to welcome many visitors on our grand opening at the beginning of 2019 and share unique, high-value entertainment experience, complete with stunning sights and astounding effects. The Smurf zone will conjointly add an exhilarating dimension to Moscow’s tourism offerings and give one more reason for visitors from Russian cities and other countries to include capital of Russian Federation as a must-visit vacation destination,” shareholder, the board member of REGIONS Group, Amiran Mutsoev.